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Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy.

       In fact, for most people it’s like climbing Mount Everest.



Yikes! Google “weight loss” and you’ll find literally hundreds of books on dieting, fitness and supplements that promise a hot sexy beach body in twelve weeks.

Yup, twelve weeks of torturous gruelling exercises, restrictive diets with fat shrinking supplement cocktails to go.

Don’t get me wrong.

A lot of the information out there is valuable.

The problem is that it is too hard for most people to stick with. It’s no wonder why people get frustrated and give up completely burying their heads in a bag of Doritos.


Here’s what I think!

I believe that being healthy is not about a number on a scale.

It’s about a state of mental and physical well being.

The secret in getting “there” is getting started.

All too often people think their lack of success is due to a lack of time, their genes (not to be confused by their jean size), or a myriad of other reasons - It’s not!


Successful weight loss happens as a result of the right mind set and finding a purposeful approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

It’s not about the circumstances; it’s about your ability to say what you are going to do, own it, and follow through.

My approach is simple, natural and effective.


There are no gimmicks, no crazy workouts (unless of course you want them) and no restrictive diets. Ever.


Together we can create changes that will energize your life and build confidence that will knock everyone’s socks off.


The journey will be full of new and exciting adventures and some tough love (a necessary evil).

I’ll hold you to it every step of the way.

I can help you create a lifestyle that’s healthier and sustainable than you ever thought possible.


Are you willing to be honest and present?

Are you ready to stop playing it safe?

Are you willing to commit to yourself?


Enjoy being more pain free.

Enjoy feeling better.

Enjoy feeling more fulfilled.


No diets. No pills. No gimmicks.


Let me share with you how we can work together to get you results.





This is a program customized to your unique goals, needs and preferences to lose weight.


The Weight Loss Magic Program puts moving your body at the core of the program by providing you with a custom plan; yet, the program extends to support you on all topics surrounding being fit including:


  • Nutrition

  • Disease prevention

  • Stress

  • Sleep

  • Self-care

  • Daily habits


Together, we set clear goals, build a plan, and explore, support and solve the challenges and opportunities that are relevant and important to you to reach your goals.


Unlike other personal training programs, you will move on your own time.  Our time together will focus on teaching form, exploring specific issues you face, reviewing progress and sharing resources.


Expect a great plan, new insights and on-going support to achieve your goals.


The Weight Loss Magic Program includes:


  • Assessment – to establish your goals and preferences

  • Physical Fitness Training Plan – a personal fit plan for you

  • Coaching Sessions – 30 or 45 minute sessions

  • Progress Updates – calls or emails

  • Session Summaries – email summaries with information for you

  • Laser Coaching  - quick connects when you need them

  • Resources – articles, videos and information for you









Let’s get started today.



“Sue really listened to me. I don’t like working out in the gym so she designed a walking and swimming program for me. I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t like.  And I had her support every step of the way."


                          - Ella M.











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