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Consider a golf coach.

They help someone develop and understand what it is to play golf.

They give you lots of exercises, tools, and feedback.

Some of it seems strange but it’s helpful because it allows you to manage your way around the golf course.


There are ten million golf clubs, an equal amount of scenarios to use them, and, all of which will deliver the same outcome: GET TO THE PIN!

There are trees to contend with that seem to jump out of nowhere.

There are bunkers (otherwise known as sandtraps) which can be the size of a beach.

The fairways can be a mile long.

And hazards have scary things hiding in them.


The aim is for the coach to help you navigate all the aspects of the game mentally and physically using everything you have in your golf bag. If you haven’t already figured out “I love golf”.


I like to think of life coaching in a similar way.

Don’t worry.

I’m not trying to build a nation of golfers but I do want to help build lives that can mange different obstacles and challenges that crop up.

I’ll be your caddy that will help you get your game on and make you feel and look great. I’m someone who will get you to grab life by the horns and go for the pin every time.


Whether the focus is on weight loss, health, wealth, happiness, relationships or all of the above and then some, I’ll help you figure it out and map out a course of action so you can reach what you crave in life.

I’ll be that someone who will have a vested interest in your success.

You’ll get what you put into it and I’ll hold you to it every step of the way.

I’ll ask you questions that might seem uncomfortable at times and tell it like it is when you need it.

I’ll show you some love and compassion and celebrate the victories. My focus is on creating your best present and future self. And maybe a golfer every once in a while, lol(wink)!




Let’s get started today.




Check out my programs:

Fearless After 50 Program

Weight Loss Magic Program




"When I first started working with Sue, I did not think that the life coaching was something I needed, but in reality it was the most beneficial part of our work together..."



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