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That bathroom scale had been my best friend and worst enemy for so many years I lost count. Before meeting Sue I spent my entire adult life on various diets and buying into every weight loss gimmick available. Initially the weight would always come off, but without fail I’d gain it back plus some. Looking back I was never happy even at my “skinniest”, because through my work with Sue I learned that it was never about the number on the scale. I sought out Sue as I was preparing for a move across the country and truly believed that if I could just lose some weight everything would be easier.  I found Sue’s website online and inquired about her programming, when I first met Sue I has a feeling that she was someone special and things were going to change. Not only did she create a fitness program that I love and rebuild my relationship with food, but most importantly she helped me learn to love myself.

Along with trying every possibly diet out there I also tried every fitness program from circuit training, various gym memberships, and even personal training, but none of it stuck. When I first met Sue I was very blunt about my strong dislike for physical activity. She created fitness programs for me that were tailored to my needs and that I actually enjoy doing! She knew when to push me and her continuous encouragement and support made me know I could do it. When I first started to become physically active again I was very down on myself because I felt that I should be able to do more, but Sue would not let me get down and helped me see the positives. Before if there were the options of an elevator or escalator, there was no question I was taking it, now I’ll go out of my way to find those stairs – sometimes even taking them two at a time – which before never would have happened. It’s not about just working out, it’s a whole life style change.

Sue helped me to rebuild my relationship with food, which before meeting Sue I had no idea was in such bad shape. She taught me how to listen to my body, and as a chronic binge eater, I hadn’t known what it had been like to feel real hunger in years. If Sue asks you to journal, trust me when I say DO IT! For years I had been using food as an emotional crutch, I ate when I was sad, when I was angry, when I was lonely, when I was stressed, when I didn’t even know how I felt … I was eating a lot! But it was always mindless eating, just eating as much of whatever was in sight to try and suppress the negative feelings. I broke my carbohydrate addiction and started to ENJOY eating again. Trust me when I say that I never thought I’d say that I love and crave vegetables, but now I do. It was not an over night change, there were ups and downs, but Sue was there to debrief and support me through every step of the way.

Unlike other diets and gimmicks designed for the masses, my work with Sue was MY journey. I say journey and not program because that’s exactly what it is, a life long journey to continual self-acceptance and happiness. Not only did I learn to enjoy being active and have a new (diet free!!) relationship with food, but also I learned to value and love myself. When I first started working with Sue I did not think that the life coaching was something I needed, but in reality it was the most beneficial part of our work together. I cannot express in words the positive changes that have occurred in my life because of my work with Sue. My relationships with family and friends improved, I enjoy what I do everyday, and I can say for the first time “I love myself” – which when I first started working with Sue was physically impossible. I don’t know how she does it but Sue knows exactly what you need and when. She does not do the work for you or promise instant results, rather she facilitates YOUR journey, which makes me know that these changes I’ve made are life long changes.

Yes the weight came off, but in the end that didn’t matter, what matters more to me is how I feel about myself. That bathroom scale I talked about, it’s gathering dust. I feel as though I have been given a new lease on life, and it wasn’t even that hard! The work that I put in was well worth it because the happiness I feel now is something I never thought I could, or deserved, to have. Sue has changed my life, and I will always be grateful to her.


- Aidan

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